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Vermont International Film Festival to Give Film Students Inside Look at Industry

Film fest guide
(Photo: Sheryl Glubok)

For the first time this year, students in UVM's Film and Televisions Studies (FTS) program will have the opportunity to participate for credit in the Vermont International Film Festival, which has attracted industry talent as well as leaders from human rights and environmental movements, two areas of focus for the festival, since its inception in 1985. Film and Television Studies is sponsoring a one-credit course for students interested in learning more about how a festival works and the importance of a festival for filmmakers and the audience. Students will participate in a number of workshops during the festival, to be held Oct. 19-28, and will choose a selection of film screenings to attend.

"I am thrilled with the connections we're making this year with a long-standing community event and our department," says Deb Ellis, filmmaker, UVM associate professor of English and president of the festival's board of directors. "I'm really happy to bring these two commitments together this year."

Workshops sponsored by FTS at the festival include:

In addition, FTS is sponsoring a visit with Cuban Filmmaker Karel Ducasse, whose award-winning 2007 film Zone of Silence examines censorship as a historical, political and social phenomenon. Ducasse will visit classes at UVM and present twice during the festival. A team of film and television students will be involved in Sleepless in Burlington, a 24-hour film competition with teams from Middlebury College, St. Michael's College and Burlington College. FTS faculty member Hyon Joo Hoo will introduce and discuss the film In Another Country with the audience.

Learn more about festival events on the Vermont International Film Festival website.