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More Than 250 CALS Students Celebrate Autumn's Return

"Fall Into CALS" is Annual Tradition to Welcome First-Year Students

Students and calf
UVM CREAM student-run dairy herd members and friends couldn't resist the latest born calf from UVM Farms. From upper left, Allison Gibeley, Tyler Launhardt, Chantal Girard, Carolyn Lawrence and Victoria Wellington. Front: Dylan Devino, Tess Rooney, Ashley Hudson, Haley Smola and Shannon Emmons.

Now three years old, the annual "Fall Into CALS" welcome barbecue is becoming a hallmark of back to school for College of Agriculture and Life Sciences students, staff and faculty.

It's all about free dinner, live music and sitting around with friends.

On September 6, more than 250 CALS students made a beeline for the food tent beside Morrill Hall. With fully loaded plates teetering with burgers, dogs salads, they sat on the grounds in clusters, then returned for cake.

Upper classmen remarked how much better the weather was this year than last year's downpour that had folks dining on the Hall's wide three-story marble staircase.

CALS Reps., an organizer of the event, as well as UVM Horticulture Club and CREAM Dairy Club set up tables and did a brisk business gleaning new members. UVM Greenhouses sold mums and begonias.

A trio of faculty string players played music. CALS' Don Stratton and Jonathan Leonard let psychology professor Tim Stickle play second fiddle even though he teaches in the College of Arts and Sciences.

CALS Reps Izzy Cummings and Nicole Gruszczynski called out student ticket numbers till lucky raffle winners came forward to claim gift certificates to the UVM Bookstore.

Ja Yun Lee, Rose Laba and Josie Davis of the College's student services organized the event.

More photos in a slideshow sampler on UVM CALS Facebook page.