University of Vermont

Learning Thai at Montpelier High School

Visiting Scholar Nattida shares Thai culture with Montpelier Students

Nattida at Montpelier High School

Montpelier Union High School was pleased to welcome Nattida Pattaraworathum, a Visiting Scholar from Thailand, to their learning community this fall. Nattida, who goes by the nickname "Meow", is a teacher at Bangkok Christian College in Bangkok (BCC), Thailand, a private boys' school for more than 500 boys in 12 grades. Nattida's home school is also one of the oldest school in Thailand, established in 1852.  

The transition to being a Visiting Scholar at Montpelier High School has been very successful. Nattida is very appreciative of the support from her mentor Marianne McNamara, Adam Bunting, ASOP director Bill Williams (shown in the picture) and ASOP staff.

Nattida has already begun collaborating with teachers in their classrooms. Most recently, collaborated with an art teacher, showing the Montpelier students how to write their names in Thai and incorporate it with Thai design.

For more information on hosting a Visiting Scholar at your school, or how to arrange a workshop on Thai culture, contact Jacqueline Drouin at