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College of Medicine and Nursing and Health Sciences Faculty Named 2012 Frymoyer Scholars

Frymoyer Scholars luncheon
Dr. John Frymoyer, Lois McClure, Dean Morin, Dean Prelock, and others enjoy a lunch with the 2012 Frymoyer Scholars on September 10, 2012.

Four groups of Frymoyer Scholars were selected for 2012, including Patricia King, M.D., Ph.D., assistant professor of medicine; Laurie Leclair, M.D., associate professor of medicine; Ursula McVeigh, M.D., assistant professor of family medicine, and Jean Coffey, Ph.D., C.P.N.P., assistant professor of nursing and pediatrics; Mary Val Palumbo, D.N.P., A.P.R.N., associate professor of nursing, and Marie Sandoval, M.D. assistant professor of medicine. The scholarships will support the groups’ four projects for two years.

King’s project proposal, titled “Teaching Professionalism through Lessons from the Board of Medical Practice,” is designed to provide more effective and innovative training in professionalism for medical students. Among the proposal’s objectives are familiarity with the State of Vermont Medical Board’s licensing, regulation and discipline activities; an understanding of the Medical Board’s statutes and rules regarding unprofessional conduct; an ability to relate real-world examples of such conduct; and a comprehensive understanding of the range of complaints submitted, as well as the complaint process.

Given the complexity of intensive care provision, simulated team learning is at the center of Leclair’s project, titled “Simulation Training for Multidisciplinary Intensive Care Unit Teams: Active Learning to Promote Best Practices.” Her program seeks to develop a novel, innovative curriculum for both medical students and residents and involves other multidisciplinary team members, in an effort to promote team building through active learning and case-based simulation. Leclair’s ultimate goal is to transform medical student and resident education in the ICU and build teamwork skills while improving healthcare provider satisfaction and quality of delivered care.

Palumbo and Sandoval’s project, “Developing Best Practices in Communication when Using the Electronic Health Record for Nurse Practitioner and Medical Students and their Preceptors,” aims to evaluate the effect of current EHR documentation on patient satisfaction and practitioner evaluation, develop and test best practices, pilot a new curriculum incorporating these best practices and disseminate faculty development materials through educational sessions at UVM and nationally.

Coffey and McVeigh’s project, titled “Palliative Care Outreach in a Small Rural State,” seeks to identify the palliative care learning needs of clinicians in Vermont and design a program based on the results through focus groups and surveys. The program will include didactic sessions and stimulation with standardized patients. The project will be assessed by gathering data in a formal pre- and post-test format and obtaining feedback from participants. The intent of the project is to provide clinicians with the skills to work with patients and families at the end of life, supporting them holistically with compassionate, skilled care.

The Frymoyer Scholars program is an investment in outstanding medical education and promotes teaching that emphasizes the art of patient care. Scholars are selected based on the quality of their project proposal; the strength of the project's contribution to improvement of the relationship between clinician and patient; and evidence of commitment to clinical education, commitment to project and support of department/division program. The program is supported by The John and Nan Frymoyer Fund for Medical Education. Frymoyer served as dean of the UVM College of Medicine from 1991 to 1999 and also served as CEO of Fletcher Allen from 1995 to 1997. His late wife Nan Frymoyer was a former community health nurse and had a strong interest in patient advocacy. She served on the UVM College of Nursing and Health Sciences advisory board and helped plan and implement the Frymoyer Community Health Resource Center at Fletcher Allen Health Care.

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