University of Vermont

A Note from President Tom Sullivan

September 2012

President Tom Sullivan
President Tom Sullivan.

Upon my arrival at the University of Vermont, I received a generous welcome gift from the Staff Council. I want to extend my heartfelt thanks to all the staff that contributed to this thoughtful gift, especially former Staff Council President Ida Russin, former Vice President Michelle Smith, current President Catherine Symans, and Vice President Renee Berteau. It means a great deal to me, and I will turn to the pages of this book often for inspiration and encouragement over the coming months.


Two of my foremost goals for the academic year are to promote Affordability and Financial Access and to reduce costs by increasing Efficiency and Effectiveness. Like most public universities, UVM’s primary source of revenue is tuition, a burden that largely falls on our students and their families. This month we welcome twenty-eight hundred new students to our community of ten thousand undergraduates. All of our students will face a challenging job market upon graduation. As an institution we must do all in our power to hold down the growth of tuition by containing costs even by means of the smallest measures.


Last year Staff Council played a crucial role in the Strategic Initiatives Project by reviewing these new measures and offering feedback. Our staff members are leaders in this community, and they are the character of this institution. From our implementation of the SIP to saving paper by printing on both sides of the page, staff member’s individual actions demonstrate the ethical and environmental values of the University. As fall term begins, I look forward to working together with all constituents on campus to reduce costs and eliminate waste through innovation, determination, and teamwork.