University of Vermont

VCHIP Young Adult in Transition Evaluation Team Earns Bronze Medal

The Young Adult in Transition (YIT) evaluation team from the Vermont Child Health Improvement Program (VCHIP) received a bronze ECCO award in the professional outreach category at the Georgetown University Training Institutes 2012, a national meeting held in Orlando, Fla., in July 2012.

Sponsored by the US Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) Caring for Every Child’s Mental Health Campaign, the ECCO (Excellence in Community Communications and Outreach) recognition program highlights outstanding social marketing and communications achievements in systems of care across the country. There were over 70 submissions in seven different categories for the ECCO program.

The 2012 conference was titled “Improving Children's Mental Health Care in the Era of Change, Challenge, and Innovation – The Role of the System of Care Approach.” Training Institutes is conducted annually by the National Technical Assistance Center for Children’s Mental Health at the Georgetown University Center for Child and Human Development in partnership with The Annie E. Casey Foundation.

The VCHIP YIT evaluation team members include UVM faculty and staff members Thomas Delaney, Ph.D., research associate in pediatrics; Jody Kamon, Ph.D., clinical assistant professor of pediatrics and psychiatry; Jesse Suter, Ph.D., research assistant professor of education; Ellen Talbert, VCHIP project coordinator; and Courtney Bridges, the YIT social marketing and communications manager for the Vermont Federation of Families for Children’s Mental Health. Kamon submitted samples of the data reports the YIT team generates for use by mental health agencies and programs that serve young adults as part of the YIT grant, as well as a data dashboard designed specifically for young adult consumers in the mental health system. The data dashboard was developed in collaboration with Bridges, a 2009 UVM alumna who was hired to work on the YIT grant following graduation. This is the second award the YIT evaluation team has received. In 2011, the group received a silver level Excellence in Evaluation award for its success in developing and managing a statewide data collection and reporting system.

The goal of VCHIP’s six-year Youth in Transition project is to improve the system of care for Vermont’s transition-aged youth and young adults, aged 16 through 21, so that they have adequate preparation and the necessary supports to be productively engaged in the community and free from incarceration.