University of Vermont

Professional News: June 20, 2012

Publications and presentations

Major Jackson, associate professor of English, published a poem, “Why I Write Poetry,” in the Spring 2012 issue of the literary journal Ploughshares.

On April 26-28, the New England Political Science Association convened their 64th Annual Meeting in Portsmouth, N.H. where UVM faculty and a recent graduate presented professional papers and participated on three panels.

Papers presented:
Eileen Burgin and Jacqueline V. Bereznyak ’11, “Compromising Partisans: Assessing Compromise in Health Care Reform”
Deborah L. Guber, “Can Americans be Persuaded to Care about Climate Change?”
Garrison Nelson, “’A Mania for Anonymity’: The Mysterious Presidential Assistant, David K. Niles”

Panel participation:
Alec Ewald, chair-discussant, “The Politics of Voting Restrictions: New England and the Upper Midwest”
Patrick Neal, chair-discussant, “Democracy and Freedom”
Garrison Nelson, participant, “Roundtable: The 2012 Presidential Election”