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WCAX TV3 the: 30 features UVM's AERO Hybrid Vehicle

The AERO Team

WCAX TV3 featured mechanical engineering students Marc Soldini (Senior) and Andrew Giroux (Freshman) and members of the UVM AERO racing team on the :30 program Friday, April 13, 2012.  

The UVM Alternative Energy Racing Organization (AERO) Team is working on the next iteration of their third hybrid vehicle. The focus of the team is to compete in the 2012 Formula Hybrid International Competition (FHIC) to be held in Loudon, NH April 30-May 3 at the New Hampshire Motor Speedway in Loudon.  A total of 39 teams from around the world are registered to compete.  AERO competed in the competition events in 2011 and finished 10th overall against twenty-one teams from across the United States, Canada, and Sweden.

AERO's car, GreenSpeed Gen-3, was uniquely different, weighing just 650 pounds and having an all wheel drive powertrain, custom-designed parallel hybrid transaxle, and networked control systems. In 2010, with the same power-train, AERO was rated at nearly 90 horsepower enabling it to capture first place in the electric-only 75 meter acceleration test with a time of 5.287 seconds. In full hybrid mode, Gen2 completed the distance in 4.867 seconds; the second fastest time at the event.

If you areAERO Car interested in helping the team, please contact AERO at or their faculty advisor, Jeff Frolik, at

Click hear for more information on the International Formula Hybrid Competition:

AERO's success to date has been made possible by the generous support of sponsors including: Triangle Fabrication (Milton VT), Hazelett Strip Casting (Colchester VT), Dynapower (South Burlington VT), Vermont Space Grant Consortium, the IEEE Green Mountain Chapter, VELCO, Elithion and private donations by Roy Crowninshield and Ronald Brand.