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The Universal Design for Learning Project at the University of Vermont (UDL@UVM) continues to get the word out on importance of Universal Design principles. Professors Lawrence Shelton and Susan Edelman of UDL@UVM were invited to be guest editors of the current issue of Design for All: A publication of Design for All Institute of India. Having recently completed their second successful Better Learning by Design Conference on UDL Principles this year at UVM, the professors had a collection of unpublished proceedings from the conference, and lots of ideas for new articles to share.

The Design for All Institute of India promotes the principles of Universal Design and seeks to establish alliances with all those who are promoting Universal Design principles. Their monthly online newsletter provides a wealth of information to a global audience, with a different topic each issue. The December Issue on Design for All in Higher Education is the Institute’s first on UDL principles and their applications to university accessibility.

Drs. Shelton and Edelman provided an introduction on the University's progress in the field of Universal Design, and both also wrote other articles for the volume. Other UVM authors included Dr. Holly Parker of the Center for Teaching and Learning, Dr. Ellen McShane, Director of Academic Support Programs at UVM, and Dr. Charles Rathbone, Associate Professor of Education, Emeritus. Professor Daniel Fogel, Professor of English and Past President of UVM wrote of his personal struggles as a child with a learning disability, and his current support of UDL practices in higher education.  He states, "I have greeted all I have learned of UDL as opening up a pedagogical promised land where bafflement and frustration give place to the joy of learning through ways of teaching that benefit not just those who are differently abled but every member of the community, students, faculty, and staff."

Articles were also contributed by other presenters at the 2011 Better Learning by Design Conference, including Skip Stahl of the Center for Applied Special Technology (CAST) - the developers of the UDL principles, and Wade Edwards and Sally Scott of Longwood University in Virginia.

A pdf version of the complete December 2011 edition of Design for All can be found here:

UDL@UVM will also share the Design for All articles in an upcoming series on the UDL@UVM website:

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