University of Vermont

Penni French Receives CEMS Outstanding Staff Award

Penni FrenchInterim Dean Bernard “Chip” Cole presented Penni French with the 2011 CEMS Outstanding Staff Award during the UVM College of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences holiday celebration in the Fleming Museum on Thursday, December 8, 2011. 

Penni was nominated by the Department of Computer Science for her wide-ranging institutional experience as Administrative Assistant to the Department. 

Excerpts from her nomination letter reflect Penni’s many talents and abilities:

“Penni exhibits the qualities of humanity, generosity of spirit, and dignity, especially under the pressure of deadlines and those pesky technology hurdles.  She is responsible for planning the wide-ranging logistics associated with guest speaker visits, student-run technical evenings, and outreach activities.  She works with patience and respect, camaraderie and the genuine affection appropriate of educators towards our students, humor, and a tenacious resolve to overcome whatever stumbling blocks may arise.

Penni’s disposition and helpful, trustworthy, proactive attitude ensure the smooth running of the Department, as she maintains cordial working relationships with staff colleagues across the College and UVM.”

 Penni is described as a key player for the Department in coordinating course schedules, double-checking the myriad details involved, and keeping abreast of the systemic changes, especially involving the mechanisms by which we enroll our Continuing Education students and schedule labs, and in handling day-to-day operations, even under pressure.

 Our congratulations to Penni on this award and for her amazing ability to interact so well with us all!