University of Vermont

Internship Nets Job Prior to Graduation

Kelsey with posterSummer months have been busy for Kelsey Weidman, a graduate of Middlebury Union High School who is beginning her senior year in electrical engineering at UVM. In May, she started a summer internship with IBM's Integration Department at the company's Essex Juncion, Vermont facility. The result of Kelsey's hard work and dedication?  IBM has offered her a Manufacturing Engineer position starting August 2012. Between now and then, Kelsey will complete her Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering.

Kelsey's fascination with engineering began during a high school CAD course at Middlebury's Hannaford Career Center. "It just sparked my imagination," said Kelsey. "I chose UVM because it was a perfect combination: far enough away from home, with a strong engineering program."

Kelsey's internship experience expanded her knowledge and understanding of engineering, allowing her to apply her classroom learning to a hands-on environment. IBM's Integration Department acts as a hub for addressing and solving problems that occur during manufacturing processes. Kelsey started there with a mentor and then began taking over tasks. One of the challenges she worked on was an experiment that involved the creation of a new manufacturing process for wafers that had not been done at IBM before. "The results were very successful," says Kelsey. "The new wafer process has improved yield and solved a signature defect."

And who were key individuals in CEMS who made a difference in Kelsey's education? She responded without pause:

"Joan 'Rosi' Rosebush, Director of Student Success, was just incredible teaching and helping with mathematics classes."

"Joan Jordan, Assistant Dean for Student Affairs, gave key advice for engineering classes, what to take and how to handle all of them."

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