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Governor Shumlin Announces Bold Initiative to HS Engineering Students

Shumlin at GIVGovernor Shumlin announced a new initiative to approximately 90 high school students enrolled in the UVM/GIV Engineering Institute at UVM to encourage them to pursue careers in the fields of science, engineering and mathematics (STEM).

The UVM/GIV Engineering Institute is a week long program that provides high school students interested in careers in mathematics, engineering and computer science with hands-on projects related to sustainable engineering practices such as: Renewable/Sustainable Energy, to examine the power and impact of wind and biomass; Robotics, to apply artificial intelligence to perform specific tasks; Aerospace Engineering, to create prototype aeronautical devices and atmospheric probes; Engineering Design, to create a working tool for technicians restrained to a wheelchair; and Earth Systems Engineering, to examine the impact engineering has on our environment.

Governor Shumlin’s Initiative

Governor Shumlin emphasized the need for this generation to work hard to address our global sustainability issues.  His new initiative is designed to help ensure that Vermont students are hired by Vermont companies. His plan will provide $1500 annually as a cash payment for up to five years and is designed to help Vermont employers attract much needed engineering and technology talent to Vermont and help recent graduates pay off college debt.  

 “The bold initiative announced today by Governor Shumlin represents a critical investment in our young people and it will make Vermont more attractive to new industries and to the highly-skilled technological professionals that our industries need to be successful,” says  Bernard “Chip” Cole, Interim Dean of the UVM College of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences.

 “Governor Shumlin's initiative is a major step forward and will help build the Vermont workforce of the future,” said Assistant Dean, Doug Dickey.  “UVM is proud to be an integral contributor to the science and technology workforce in Vermont by providing well-trained, highly-skilled graduates, many of whom would like to remain in our beautiful state to work and raise families. “