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U.S. DOT RITA May 2011 Features Vermont UTC

The U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) Research and Innovative
Technology Administration (RITA) May 2011 issue features the University
of Vermont's Transportation Center (UTC) in its spotlight article.

Britt HolmenDr. Britt A. Holmen, associate professor in the School of Engineering,
is working with an interdisciplinary team of graduate students and
researchers at UVM's Transportation Research Center (TRC) to understand
the factors that affect tailpipe emissions as well as the local public
health challenges related to tailpipe emissions.According to Professor
Holmen, "Our work on quantifying tailpipe emissions under real-world,
hilly-terrain driving conditions is unique and intended to improve our
quantitative understanding of the key factors affecting second-by-second
(or "instantaneous") emissions episodes from both hybrid and
conventional vehicles.Furthermore, creation of the Transportation-Air
Quality Laboratory is a long-term resource for vehicle emissions and
health research here at UVM."

The UVM UTC is working to create educational programs to advance public
knowledge on how second-by second driving styles, hybrid vehicles,
climate, and topography affect emissions.The TRC offers eco-driving
educational workshops that provide simple, low-tech ways to reduce fuel
consumption and GHG emissions as well as save consumers money through
fuel-efficient driving.

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