University of Vermont

New Videos Viewed at CDCI Media Night

Audience at Media Night
Media Night audience member with interpreter for person with deafblindness

A group of community members, students and UVM affiliates gathered at Mann Hall, Thursday April 21, to view the newest series of videos produced by the Center on Disability and Community Inclusion. CDCI Executive Director, Susan Ryan, introduced the films and a short discussion. Special guests included the participants in the Life Histories videos. These films explored the lives of elderly Vermonters with disabilities who live and work in Vermont  communities, including time spent in Brandon Training School, the Vermont State Hospital in Waterbury, and the Austine School for the Deaf, in Brattleboro, Vermont.

Life Histories of Older Vermonters with Disabilities

The Life Histories Project at CDCI has started to collect stories of older Vermonters with developmental disabilities. In these videos Vermonters share what it was like to grow up in Vermont, in their towns and in institutions.

Bringing Universal Design for Learning to Life: The UDL - UVM Consultation Model                   

The UDL@UVM Project seeks to create opportunities for successful learning for all students, including those with learning challenges and disabilities. This video introduces a collaborative consultation model designed to assist faculty in designing teaching strategies that are based on the neuroscience of learning. Students and faculty using UDL practices, and UVM’s president, Daniel Fogel, share their perspectives on UDL for UVM.

Supporting Toilet Learning: A Team Approach

This video explores a variety of perspectives on teaching toileting skills to individuals with disabilities. A parent, physical therapist, speech and language professional, behavior therapist and special educators share their perspectives, highlighting the importance of teamwork in teaching independence. (Continence Project website).

All videos can be seen online on the Center's website: hppt://