University of Vermont

Vermont Teacher Diversity Report 2010 now available

The Vermont Teacher Diversity Report 2010 is the result of a two-year survey of the racial, cultural and ethnic diversity of Vermont's public school teachers. The purpose of the questionnaire was to determine the relative level of educator diversity in Vermont districts and to describe the policies and practices that may be in use in Vermont districts to increase diversity.

The Vermont Research Partnership, which includes members from the Vermont Department of Education, Vermont Superintendents Association, Vermont Principals Association and Vermont School Boards Association, has endorsed this attempt to collect baseline data that may serve to inform Vermonters about this important issue.

While there are many limitations of such a survey effort concerning data related to the cultural representation of diverse groups of professionals, the summary finding of the study is that there are very few people of diverse cultural background currently teaching and leading Vermont's teaching workforce. Specific findings are enumerated in the full report available to download in PDF fomat, below. Following the discussion of limitations and findings, a discussion of the issues that may arise from these data and the implications for policy and practice are discussed.

Download the Vermont Teacher Diversity Report 2010