University of Vermont

Cardinal Company Negotiates Innovative Obstacle Course

On 06 December 2010, the MSII’s of SUNY Plattsburgh ROTC executed an obstacle course as a PT session. The course consisted of eight confidence-building and fitness-testing obstacles that consisted of a confidence jump, a long jump, a 175M sprint, a Box Jump/Gazelle Run, the low-crawl, the high leg-over, the grenade toss, and the chin-up.  For the Confidence Jump, Cadets jumped off of a set of bleachers and free fell about twelve feet onto a mat below.  The 175M sprint had Cadets successfully negotiate obstacles that were placed around the indoor track.  Additionally, the chin-up event forced squads to work together to accumulate a total of 70 chin-ups in the fastest way possible.

The obstacle course was tasked to the MSII class.  We proceeded to conduct a Recon in the field-house at SUNY Plattsburgh, and were forced to design events that would be both challenging and manageable for everyone.  After our recon, we were given the opportunity to brief our plan to both the Cadre and MSIVs.  This was a squad-based event, where squads had to work together to negotiate all of the obstacles as quickly as possible.

I got to see for the first time, first hand, what kind of planning and work goes into this type of event and what it takes to accomplish it.  Aside from refining our briefing skills, the MSII class had a chance to share ideas, think creatively to develop new obstacles, construct a plan for drawing equipment, assess risk, and become exposed to the planning process.  The experience we gained as a result will help us in our MSIII year and beyond.

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