University of Vermont

MS I "A" Team Strikes Fear into Intramural Volleyball League


2LT Tom Griffin recruited and trained the ROTC power house volleyball team. Nothing but pure athleticism propelled this team to the intramural playoffs.  It is no surprise that teams were unable to stop the unbeatable line-up consisting of elite MS I Cadets:

Mallory Sullivan - Pure talent!

Kayla Hensel - "Are you kidding me? Is SHE allowed to play? Isn't she a pro?!"

Ryan "Ranger" O'Leary - Simply "not fair" for the other team.

John "The Tower" Hart - "Boo Ya!"

Lindsey "Spike This" Moore

Michael "Bear Grylls" Denham

2LT Tom "The Tank" Griffin

Oh, we almost forgot to mention the other team - 2LT Tommy Wong could not produce a winning team; but....they did try really hard! There's always next year...