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2 Peer-reviewed USDA Forest Service general technical report
3 Peer-reviewed book chapter
4 Book, peer-reviewed
5 Conference proceedings, not peer-reviewed
6 Published reports: a) peer-reviewed; b) not peer-reviewed
7 Journal letter, commentary, or book review: a) peer reviewed; b) editor review only

In Review

Egan, A., W.S. Keeton, C. Danks, and I. Soloviy. Exploring community impacts and benefits in forest carbon projects in the Carpathian Mountain region of Europe. Society and Natural Resources.1


In Revision

Keeton, W.S., E. M. Copeland, and M.C. Watzin. Towards flood resilience: exploring linkages between riparian forest structure and geomorphic condition in northeastern U.S. streams. Forest Ecology and Management. 1

Warren, D.R., M.J. Kaylor, W.S. Keeton, P. M. Kiffney, H.A. Bechtold, and J. Magee. Changing forests – changing streams: anticipating future interactions among riparian forest stand development, light dynamics, and stream ecosystem functions. Freshwater Science. 1



Keeton, W.S. 2015. Forests and forestry in a changing world (Book Review). Ecology 96: 2570-2571. 7b pdf

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Leonard, M. and 47 contributors. 2015. Voluntary Harvesting Guidelines for Landowners in Vermont. Vermont Department of Forests, Parks, and Recreation. Montpelier, Vermont. 65 pp. 6b pdf



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Saligman, L., E. Russell-Roy, W.S. Keeton, C. Danks, J. Gunn, and B. Machin. 2014. Rehabilitation forestry & carbon markets: A case study from northeastern Vermont. Final Report Prepared for Vermont Natural Resources Conservation Service, Conservation Innovation Grant# 69-1644-09-02. Conservation Collaboratives, Victory, VT. 62 pp. 6a pdf



Mika, A. and W.S. Keeton. 2013. Factors contributing to carbon fluxes from bioenergy harvests in the U.S. Northeast: an analysis using field data. GCB Bioenergy 5: 290–305. 1 pdf

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Burrascano, S., W.S. Keeton, F.M. Sabatini, and C. Blasi. 2013. Commonality and variability in the structural attributes of moist temperate old-growth forests: A global review. Forest Ecology and Management 291:458–479. 1 pdf



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Schwenk, W.S., T.M. Donovan, W. S. Keeton, and J. S. Nunery. Carbon storage, timber production, and biodiversity: comparing ecosystem services with multi-criteria decision analysis. Ecological Applications 22:1612–1627. 1 (pdf)

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(pdf) (pdf of color illustrations)

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