“This compelling narrative about the social, economic, and environmental effects of the quest for mineral wealth shows the human impulse of ‘acquisitiveness.’ Ali distinguishes between ‘needs’ and ‘wants’ to develop the links between consumption, environmental degradation, and human well-being.”


31 December 2011 Follow on Twitter - @saleem_ali since this site is no longer updated
23 November 2011 Shell Lecture Series at Queens University, Kingston, Ontario, Canada
15 October 2011 Lecture at Hampshire College TEDx
30 September 2011 Lecture at Cornell University
11 May 2011 Lecture at Yale University -- School of Forestry and Environmental Studies
13 April 2011 Lecture in Claremont, California
12 April 2011 Lecture in Redmond, Washington (Seattle area)
9 April 2011 Harvard University, China-Environment Conference presentation
7 April 2011 Presentation at Michigan State University
29 March 2011 Lecture at University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada
22 February 2011 Lecture at Seton Hall University, New Jersey
15 December 2010 Presentation at Columbia University, SIPA
24 November 2010 Mine Closure Conference in Vina del Mar, Chile
13 October 2010 Presentation to CEOs at International Metals Week, London
11 October 2010 World Knowledge Dialogue, Geneva
15 September 2010 Presentation at Natural Resources Charter meeting in Oxford, UK
12 August 2010 Lecture at APA meeting in San Diego
29 June 2010 Lecture at United Nations University, Tokyo
16 June 2010 Environmental Governance meeting and World Economic Forum Presentation, Geneva
26 May 2010 Presentation to UNDP Mining Conference, Cambodia
12 May 2010 National Geographic Live! (New date for presentation)
27 April 2010 Presentation at Norwegian Peace-building Centre, Oslo
2 April 2010 Lecture at Univ of Texas Austin -- JGB 2.218, 11am
23 March 2010 Lecture at Brandeis University
19 March 2010 Presentation at Shared Earth Conference in Chicago
10 March 2010 Event in New York City at University Club
28 February 2010 Visit to Cabo San Lucas and book events with ICF
27 January 2010 Book event at McGill University's Redpath Museum 1pm
26 January 2010 Lecture at Pace Law School 6pm Gerber Glass Court Room
14 January 2010 Presentation at the Asia Society in San Francisco
7 January 2010 Lecture at Tel Aviv University
20 December 2009 Saleem on MSNBC's Future Earth program
15 December 2009 Book interview featured in Los Angeles virtual "Public Square"
10 December 2009 At the Climate Change Summit -- Copenhagen
17 November 2009 Lecture at the Gemological Institute of America, Carlsbad, California, 3:30pm
16 November 2009 Book event at Brownell Library, Essex, Vermont
23 October 2009 Lecture at the Pardee Center for the Study of the Longer Range Future at Boston University
19 October 2009 Read Saleem's essay in the Burlington Free Press
12 October 2009 Listen to Saleem on Vermont Public Radio's "Vermont Edition"
7 October 2009 Treasures of the Earth featured in Seven Days
7 September 2009 Treasures of the Earth featured in Forbes magazine