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Selected Publications

Myers, S., L. Gaffikin, C.D. Golden, R.S. Ostfeld, K.H. Redford, T.H. Ricketts, W.R. Turner, S.A. Osofsky (2013). Human health impacts of ecosystem alteration. PNAS 110 (47) 18753-18760. PDF

Ricketts, T.H., E. Lonsdorf (2013). Mapping the margin: Comparing marginal values of tropical forest remnants for pollination services. Ecological Applications 23(5): 1113-1123. PDF

Garibaldi, L.A., et al. (2013). Wild pollinators enhance fruit set of crops regardless of honey-bee abundance. Science 339(6127): 1608-1611. PDF

Tallis, H., H. Mooney, S. Andelman, P. Balvanera, W. Cramer, D. Karp, S. Polasky, B. Reyers, T.H. Ricketts, S. Running, K. Thonicke, B. Tietjen, A. Walz (2012). A global system for monitoring ecosystem service change. Bioscience 62(11): 977-986. PDF

Butchart, S.H., et al. (2012). Protecting important sites for biodiversity contributes to meeting global conservation targets. PloS ONE 7:e32529. PDF

Kareiva, P., H. Tallis, T.H. Ricketts, G.C. Daily, & S. Polasky, eds. (2011). Natural capital: Theory and practice of mapping ecosystem services. Oxford University Press. 432 pp. LINK

Abell, R., M. Thieme, T.H. Ricketts, N. Olwero, R. Ng, P. Petry, E. Dinerstein, C. Revenga, J. Hoekstra (2011). Concordance of freshwater and terrestrial biodiversity. Conservation Letters 4:127-136. PDF

Swetnam, R. D., B. Fisher, B. P. Mbilinyi, P. K. Munishi, S . Willcock, T.H. Ricketts, S. Mwakalila, A. Balmford, N.D. Burgess, A.R. Marshall, S.L. Lewis (2011). Mapping socio-economic scenarios of land cover change: a GIS method to enable ecosystem service modelling. Journal of Environmental Management 92:563-574. PDF

Ricketts, T.H., B. Soares-Filho, G. A. B. da Fonseca, D. Nepstad, A. Pfaff, A. Petsonk, A. Anderson, D. Boucher, A. Cattaneo, M. Conte, K. Creighton, L. Linden, C. Maretti, P. Moutinho, R. Ullman, R. Victurine (2010). Indigenous lands, Protected areas, and slowing climate change. PLoS Biology 8:3 e10000331

Lonsdorf, E., Kremen, C., Ricketts, T.H., Winfree, R., Williams, N. and Greenleaf, S. (2009). Modeling pollination services across agricultural landscapes. Annals of Botany 103(9): 1-12. PDF

Daily, G.C., S. Polasky, J. Goldstein, P. M. Kareiva, H.A. Mooney, L. Pejchar, T.H. Ricketts, J. Salzman, R. Shallenberger (2009). Ecosystem services in decision-making: Time to deliver. Frontiers in Ecology and Environment 7(1):21-28. PDF

Naidoo, R., A. Balmford, R. Costanza, B. Fisher, R.E. Green, B. Lehner, T.R. Malcolm, T.H. Ricketts (2008). Global mapping of ecosystem services and conservation priorities. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences - US. 105: 9495-9500. PDF

Ricketts, T.H., J. Regetz, I. Steffan-Dewenter, S. A. Cunningham, C. Kremen, B. Gemmill, S. S. Greenleaf, A. M. Klein, M. M. Mayfield, L. A. Morandin, A. Ochieng', R. Winfree. (2007). Landscape effects on crop pollination services: Are there general patterns?. Ecology Letters 11:499-515. PDF

Zhang, W., T.H. Ricketts, C. Kremen, K.M. Carney, S.M. Swinton (2007). Ecosystem services and dis-services to agriculture. Ecological Economics 64: 253-260. PDF

Naidoo, R., A. Balmford, P. J. Ferraro, S. Polasky, T. H. Ricketts, M. Rouget (2006). Integrating economic costs into conservation planning. Trends in Ecology and Evolution 21(12): 681-687. PDF

Naidoo, R. and T.H. Ricketts (2006). Mapping economic costs and benefits of conservation. PLoS Biology 4(11):e360. PDF

Lamoreux, J.F., J.C. Morrison, T.H. Ricketts, D.M. Olson, E. Dinerstein, M.W. McKnight, H. H. Shugart (2006). Global tests of biodiversity concordance and the importance of endemism. Nature 440:212-213. PDF

Ricketts, T.H., E. Dinerstein, T. Boucher, T.M. Brooks, S.M. Butchart, M. Hoffman, J.F. Lamoreux, J. Morrison, M. Parr, J.D. Pilgrim, A.S.L. Rodrigues, W. Sechrest, G.E. Wallace, K. Berlin, J. Bielby, N.D. Burgess, D.R. Church, N. Cox, D. Knox, C. Loucks, G.W. Luck, L.L. Master, R. Moore, R. Naidoo, R. Ridgely, G.E. Schatz, G. Shire, H. Strand, W. Wettengel, E. Wikramanayake (2005). Pinpointing and preventing imminent extinctions. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences - US 102:18497-18501. PDF

Loh, J., R.E. Green, T.H. Ricketts, J. Lamoreux, M. Jenkins, V. Kapos, and J. Randers (2005). The Living Planet Index: Using species population time series to track trends in biodiversity. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London, Series B 360:289-295. PDF

Balmford, A, L. Bennun, B. ten Brink, D. Cooper, I.M. Côté, P. Crane, A. Dobson, N. Dudley, I. Dutton, R.E. Green, R.D. Gregory, R. Harrison, E.T. Kennedy, C. Kremen, N. Leader-Williams, T.E. Lovejoy, G. Mace, R. May, P. Mayaux, P. Morling, J. Phillips, K. Redford, T.H. Ricketts, J.P. Rodríguez, M. Sanjayan, P.J. Schei, A.S. van Jaarsveld, B.A. Walther (2005). The Convention on Biological Diversity's 2010 Target. Science 307:212-213. PDF

Ricketts, T.H., G.C. Daily, P.R. Ehrlich, and C. Michener (2004). Economic value of tropical forest to coffee production. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences - US. 101(34):12579-12582. PDF

Imhoff, M.L., L. Bounoua, T.H. Ricketts, C. Loucks, R. Harriss, W. T. Lawrence (2004) Global patterns in human consumption of net primary production. Nature 429:870-873. PDF

Alcamo, et al. 2003. Ecosystems and human well-being: A framework for assessment. Island Press. Washington DC. 245 pp.

Ricketts, T.H. 2001. The matrix matters: effective isolation in fragmented landscapes. American Naturalist 158(1):87-99. PDF

Balvanera, P., G.C. Daily, P.R. Ehrlich, T.H. Ricketts, S.A. Bailey, S.Kark, C. Kremen, and H. Pereira. 2001. Conserving biodiversity and ecosystem services. Science 291(5511):2047. PDF

Ricketts, T.H., E. Dinerstein, D.M. Olson, C. Loucks. 1999. Who's where in North America? Patterns of species richness and the utility of indicator taxa for conservation. Bioscience 49(5):369-381. PDF

These are selected publications that represent our work. A full list of Taylor Ricketts' publications can be found in his CV and on his Google Scholar Profile.

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