University of Vermont

Taylor Ricketts Lab

Taylor and Keri Attend Natural Capital Project Olympics

Taylor rocking out with Steve Polasky, Mary Rucelshaus, and Anne Guerry

This semester I was lucky enough to attend the Natural Capital Project’s Annual Meeting and Olympics with Taylor.  The Natural Capital Project is an incredible group that Taylor co-founded, alongside Peter Kareiva and Gretchen Daily, that is dedicated to the integration of nature’s value into decision-making. They have worked closely with partners all over the world on incredible projects ranging from marine reserve design in Belize to payments for watershed services programs in China. This group of incredible scientists and software engineers is also the group that made InVest, the ecosystem service modeling software I will likely be using in my dissertation work.

In addition to getting some great advice on flood modeling, and learning about how other people have tackeled the task of mapping biodiversity, I got to enjoy the incredible redwood retreat center where the Olympics were held, and the fun and games of this groups annual gathering, which included but certainly was not limited to karaoke and corn-hole.