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Insu Koh joins lab as post-doc

Modeling pollination services

Insu enjoys a Creemee with Charlie during his interview: a field work staple in VT

We're delighted that Insu Koh is joining the lab today as a post-doc, working with a broad USDA-funded project on Integrated Crop Pollination.  Insu will be modeling the delivery of crop pollination services across agricultural landscapes, and leading some of the integration work on the project overall.

Here's what Insu says about himself:

I’m broadly interested in how landscape structure and composition influence biodiversity, organism dispersal and ecosystem service. This interest began when I considered the role of traditional Korean landscape configuration in mitigating environmental condition. After that, my interests moved towards how landscape connectivity influences organism dispersal as related to ecosystem services such as seed dispersal, biological pest control, and pollination. Currently, I’m focusing on modeling crop pollination services provided by bees across agricultural landscapes within the US. To conduct this research, I mainly use ArcGIS and R.

And here's what he looks like.  Welcome Insu!!!