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Natural Capital Project comes to town

Consortium on ecosystem services spends 3 days working, hiking, eating in Vermont

Some of the NatCap team at Shelburne Farms

We hosted the latest meeting of the Natural Capital Project at UVM this week.  About 20 leaders of "NatCap" (a collaboration among universities and NGOs to map and quantify ecosystem services and support their conservation) descended on Burlington for 3 days of intense meetings and much-less-intense meals and outdoor fun.

Taylor co-founded this 6-year-old project, and it was great to bring the group up to the new digs in Vermont.  We focused on several specific projects within NatCap that aim to connect ecosystem services with non-monetary measures of human well-being (like health, security, etc.).

Several papers and proposals will flow out of the working sessions, and a bunch of UVM-NatCap relationships formed that we hope bear fruit over time.