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Saul Cunningham visiting Gund Institute

Australian ecologist with CSIRO

Saul Cunningham - handsome ecologist

Saul Cunningham makes a stop at the Gund Institute on his roving sabbatical.  Saul's a landscape ecologist and conservation biologist working on ecosystem services in agricultural landscapes.  He'll be here the whole week of April 16th, and will be giving a talk on Wednesday.  Details below.  Welcome Saul!

Australia’s Changing Agricultural Landscapes: 
Consequences for biodiversity and the ecosystem service of crop pollination

DATE: Wednesday 4/18 
TIME: 12:00-1:00 pm.
WHERE: Aiken 311 
Saul will talk about crop pollination and agricultural intensification. Starting with a review of global trends, he’ll then focus on some of the particular challenges facing Australian agriculture and the possible consequences for biodiversity conservation. While presenting something of a case study for a continent, the lessons learned are more far reaching. Dr Saul Cunningham is a research scientist with the CSIRO (an Australian government research agency), in the division of Ecosystem Sciences. Although he has spent most of  his career in Australia, he received his PhD from the University of Connecticut in 1995, having studied with Rob Colwell. His research focuses the challenges of conserving biodiversity in landscapes largely devoted to production.