Current Projects

Analyses of Biodiversity in Vermont and New Hampshire

Vermont Biodiversity Project

Gap Analysis--A National Effort

Vertebrate Distributions in New England

Maps, Databases, and Models for Conservation Planning

Landform Analysis of Vermont

Database of Conserved Lands in Vermont

Linking Land Use Change, Stream Geomorphology, and Aquatic Condition

Biodiversity and Land Use Change in Northern Forests

Socioeconomic, Spatial Database for the Baltimore Ecosystem Study

Landscape Mapping in Marsh-Billings Historical National Park

Other Projects in Vermont

Conservation Planning at Multiple Scales, Missisquoi NWR

Assessing the Utility of Landscape Heterogeneity for Predicting Biological Diversity

Hayfields as Sustainable Habitat for Grassland Bird Populations

Identifying Candidate Sites for Riparian Buffers (Frames)

Effects of Landscape Composition on Avian Community Diversity

Feasibility of VTForEM Demonstration Project Treatments

Completed Projects

Maps, Databases, and Models for Conservation Planning

Biophysical Regions in Vermont

Land-cover mapping in Vermont and New Hampshire

Spatial Models of Development in Vermont Towns

Socioeconomic Data for Vermont Towns

Mapping Wildlife Habitat in the Lewis Creek Watershed

Wetlands Mapping in Charlotte, Vermont

Land-cover Mapping for the Second College Grant, NH

Ecology and Management of National Forests in New England

Ecological Land Types

Identifying Potential Research Natural Areas

Allowable Timber Sales Modeling

Models of Avian Diversity

Avian Habitat Relationships at Multiple Scales

Avian Productivity and Forest Disturbance

Roads as Ecological Edges: Local and Landscape Influences

Atlantic Salmon Habitat on National Forests in New England

Ground Beetles as Indicators of Land Type Diversity

Methane Emissions from Northern Wetlands / SAR Satellite Sensors

Other Projects in Vermont

E. coli and Recreational Water Quality in Vermont

Spatial Modeling of Black Bear Habitat in Vermont and New Hampshire

Forest Islands and Red-backed Salamander Distribution in Addison County