Research Areas (aka opportunities for graduate students)

Methane Trace Gas Exchange (local studies)
        - fertilization effects on methane emissions
        - vegetative controls on the transport and release of methane
        - environmental controls on methane exchange

State-of-the-Art Remote Sensing and GIS
        - generation of a circumpolar wetlands map
        - RADARSAT analyses
        - detection of inundation with the POLDER instrument

Land Cover Change Detection (GIS and Remote Sensing)
        - environmental impacts
        - historical reconstruction of landscape patterns over time
        - urban sprawl

Wetlands Ecology
        - trace gas exchange
        - fertilization of wetlands
        - use of remote sensing and GIS for wetland mapping

Biomass Burning
        - release of trace gases during combustion
        - wetland fertilization

Water Quality
        - fecal contamination of surface waters
        - riparian buffers