My research is focused on applying advanced remote sensing, image processing, and GIS to environmental issues.
Water Quality/Management
Use of Very High Resolution Remote Sensing to aid Stream Geomorphic Characterization
An Adaptive Management System using Hierarchical ANNs and Remote Sensing for Fluvial Hazard Mitigation

Mapping Cyanobacteria Bloom in Lake Champlain at Multiple Scale

Stormwater Management for Vermont's Impaired Watersheds

Mapping Impervious Surfaces: Application to Stormwater Management in South Burlington, VT

Contribution of forested Watersheds and Beaver Ponds to Fecal Contamination of Surface Waters in Vermont
Identification of Candidate Riparian Buffers in the Mad River Valley
Recreational Water Quality (E. coli) in the Mad River basin

Wetlands Mapping in Charlotte, VT (NWI update)
Remote Sensing Applications
Mapping Impervious Surfaces with High Resolution QuickBird Satallite Data
Inundation Discrimination Using Sun Glint with POLDER

New Opportunities for High Resolution Satellite Data

SAR Satellite Sensors

Imaging Radar for Ecosystem Studies
Climate Change, Methane Emissions, and Wetlands
Carbon Exchange from Northern Wetlands
Influence of Fire and Climate Change on Patterns of Carbon Emissions in Boreal Peatland
Effects of Fires on Carbon Cycling in North American Boreal Peatlands

Significance of Stomatal Control on Methane Release from Carex-dominated Wetlands

Surface-Atmosphere CO2 Exchange in a Northern Hardwood Forest:  Evaluation of an Open-Path Eddy Covariance Instrument
Determing Residential Housing Capacity (Williston, VT)
Landscape Change at Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller National Historical Park

Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller National Historical National Park GIS Database
       Updated: 5 June 2008