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Clean Water Act Section 319 Project

nonpoint source pollution control project studying the effectiveness of livestock exclusion, streambank protection, and riparian restoration practices in reducing runoff from agricultural land
Colchester Water Quality  1999 water quality for Mallet's Bay, Lake Champlain
EPA Office of Water


EPA BEACH Watch program, water quality standards
Friends of the Mad River watershed association for Mad River valley, sponsor of Mad River Watch 
Lake Champlain Beach Closings Lake Champlain Basin Program water quality information
NWF Water Quality Projects National Wildlife Federation's
Northeast Natural Resource Center Water Quality Projects
River Watch Network offers workshops, organizational
and technical support and consultation, publications, and other
tools to help volunteer groups and individuals monitor and protect rivers 
United States NWIS-W Data Retrieval USGS streamflow data
Vermont Center for Geographic Information free public GIS data, network with the Vermont GIS community, GIS activities in Vermont, technical information on GIS related technologies, and information on Vermont GIS 
Vermont State Parks location and information on state parks and state beaches
Vermont Water Resources Board Vermont water quality statutes and rules 
Chattahoochee Riverway BacteriALERT USGS site for the Chattahoochee River, Georgia 


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