Ecological Land Type Coding Scheme

Column Purpose Description
1 Landtype Association This indicates the LTA that the ecological land type is in. Within the north half of the GMNF one of the following:

0 - High elevation

1- West side of mountains

2 - East side of mountains

3 - Northeast portion of the National forest, unique soil mineralogy

2 and 3 Geomorphic Process Within the north half of the GMNF, one of the following two digit codes indicating the dominant glacial or periglacial geomorphic process:

02 - subglacial scouring (shallow tills)

03 - subglacial deposition (basal tills)

05 - superglacial deposition (ablation tills)

10 - glacial outwash

11 - slack water deposition

13 - subglacial scouring and subglacial deposition in subalpine climatic zones above 2500'

14 - soils subjected to repeated freeze-thaw cycles in alpine climatic zones above 3000'

4 Modifer One of four letters that further defines the ELT:

a - wet soils that are permanently or seasonally saturated

b - shallow soils, typically less than 5' to bedrock

c - units that are dissected by numerous intermittent streams

d - typical or modal conditions; unit fits the definition of the geomorphic process

* An example of an ELT code: 103a. Lta 1, west side of mountains (1), basal till (03), wet (a).