Socio-Economic Spatial Database Development for the Baltimore Ecosystem Study

Personnel: Austin Troy, Jarlath O'Neil-Dunne

Cooperators: USDA Forest Service, and National Science Foundation

The Baltimore Ecosystem Study is a Long-Term Ecological Research project of the National Science Foundation, being conducted by dozens of researchers over a six year period (it is shortly up for reauthorization for another six years).  We are currently projecting, processing, cleaning and cataloging all spatial data being used by the socio-economic/demography research team of the BES.  We intend to put these data into an ArcGIS multi-user geodatabase that will be managed through Oracle and accessed through ArcSDE.  We also intend to create a framework so that future spatial data created by BES project researchers can be easily integrated into the database.  A National Science Foundation grant proposal, currently pending review, would make use of these data to conduct spatial and temporal analyses of patch social and ecological patch complexity in the Baltimore area.

       Updated: 12 December 2002