Costa Rica - 2013



Before you Arrive in Costa Rica




Honey Chapters 1,2,3 and 5

and be ready for a test:

Study Guide




P. Ekins - Making Development Sustainable

M. Emery & C. Flora (2006) Spiraling Up: Mapping Community Transformation with Community Capitals Framework

Berkes, F. (2007) Community-Based Conservation in a Globalized World





Bring the Following With you To Costa Rica


Fox, J. W. (1998) Real Progress: Fifty Years of USAID in Costa Rica (Read Pp. 5-42)

 Kiss A. (2004) Is community-based ecotourism a good use of biodiversity conservation funds?  

Kuentzel, W. F. (2010). Hybridization and tourism development along the Rincon River.

Stem, C. J. et al. (2003) Community Participation in Ecotourism Benefits: The Link to Conservation Practices and Perspectives