What to Bring China May 28 - June 14, 2005

Pack light and try to keep your total weight around 25-30 pounds



Passport with Photocopy of first paged stashed separately

Airline Ticket with photocopy stashed separately

Money between 100-200 dollars for expenses. China is generally not a dangerous country, so do not be afraid to bring cash. I suggest bringing between 100- 200 in cash  and a cash card, credit card, and travelerís checks for back up. Since cash machines in China are sometimes glitch-y, it pays to bring any and all credit cards and cash cards you have available, this way you have a lot of options when you decide that you need extra money. Travelerís checks are ok, but sometimes can be a pain in rural areas.

Inexpensive gifts for our hosts (Something regional, such as maple syrup, a Vermont calendar,  Vermont playing cards, etc, UVM T-Shirts)


Clothes (Don't go overboard here. We will be able to get laundry done at some of the hotels.)

    1 Button-down and/or collared shirt for meetings with guest speakers

    2-3 Long-sleeved shirts (Expect cooler nights, particularly when we are at higher elevations.)

    2-3 Long pants
    2 Shorts
    Sweater or Fleece


    Cap/hat for warmth

    Cap/hat for the sun

    Swim Suit


    Shoes (comfortable to walk in for all conditions)

    Hiking boots (can be the same as shoes)
    Waterproof Sandals (Tevas)


    Laundry bag (for laundry and as extra pillow)

    Sleeping bag (summer weight)
    Water Bottle
    Large Day Pack (for multi-day hike)
    Camera and Film or Digital Camera (bring extra batteries)
    Notebook, pens pencils
    Your Course readings and books
    Any additional reading you may desire
    Watch/travel alarm
    Flashlight with extra batteries
    Swiss army knife
    Plastic bags/Ziplocks
    Water Purifier/ Filter (You do not need to purchase one, but if you have one feel free to bring it)

Toiletries/First Aid
    Prescription Medications
    Aspirin/Decongestants, rash creams, Talcum powder (very helpful) , etc

    Hand Sanitizer
    Extra tampons, etc
    Malaria Pills (if you chose to take them)
    Pepto Bismo or Other Medicine
    Soap (Ivory soap helps reduce insect attacks)

    Deoderant (Unscented helps reduce insect attacks)
    Toothpaste and Toothbrush
    Toilet Paper (don't say we didn't warn you)
    Sunscreen (you will burn very quickly at higher elevations)
    Insect Repellent/Bug spray
    Water purification tablets
    First Aid Kit