Accommodations - 2005

1) We will be carrying a GSM mobile phone that will take text messages and voice mail messages.

    Click here for further instructions about how to contact us by cell phone.

2) Just a reminder, depending on weather, road conditions, and other unforeseen events this itinerary may change as we are traveling.

3) Most of the places we will be staying are not set up to take messages for us, in fact some of the locations do not even have telephones or electricity. There also may be no one who speaks English. So please only use these numbers in case of a EMERGENCY!!!

May 27 Amari Airport Hotel Bankok 011-66-662-566-1020

May 28

Xingmin Hotel Kunming 011-86-871-354-4888

May 29

Xingmin Hotel Kunming  

May 30

Yuyaun Inn Dali 011-86-872-267-3267
May 31 Higherland Inn Dali 011-86-139-885-39680
June 1 First Bend Inn Lijiang 011-86-888-518-1688
June 2 First Bend Inn Lijiang  
June 3 Wenhai Ecolodge Wenhai 011-86-139-0888-1817
June 4 Tibet Hotel Zhongdian 011-86-887-822-5583
June 5 Tibet Hotel Zhongdian  
June 6 B&B Homestay Genay No Phone
June 7 Lamasary Near Dequin  
June 8   Dequin  
June 9   Dequin  
June 10 Guanguang Hotel Zhongdian  
June 11 Guanguang Hotel Zhongdian  
June 12 Golden Dragon Kunming  
June 13 Golden Dragon Kunming