6-Credit Option


Goldman, E.  Reed College

Peters, H. UNESCO

American Embassy in China

Plus - 1 article of your choice - It must be 1) about China (any topic that interests you), and 2) be from the academic literature (scholarly journals as opposed to web sources).


Then write an abstract for each of the 4 articles.


2 Books -

   One suggestion is the Bruntland Report - "Our Common Future," which is sort of the classic statement on sustainable development.

   However, I'll leave the selection up to you. The only restriction is that they need to generally qualify as "academic" topics. I showed you some examples while in China, but let me know if you need more help.


Then write short summaries of the books - no more than 2 double spaced typed pages.



   It is fine to base your paper on one or both of the books you chose above. However, you need to supplement the paper with additional sources relevant to your paper topic. The paper should clearly go beyond the issues and topics addressed in the books.


As we discussed while in China, you may write a couple of shorter 5-page papers instead of a longer single paper if you wish.


I'm not too worried about deadlines for the 6-credit option, but you will probably want to finish this up before the Fall 05 semester starts.