Some Source Materials for NR 6

There is an enormous literature on race and diversity in the United States and on environmental justice. Below are a few WEB resources.

1.    U.S. Environmental Protection Agency--Environmental Justice website -- EPA website providing information and links for various programs sponsored by the federal government to promote environmental justice.

2. -- EJNet lists various resources related to Environmental Racism and Justice, including Principles of Environmental Justice, government policies, and websites with additional information on the topic.

3.  Environmental Justice and Climate Change Initiative -- An organization that advocates for stronger policies to address climate change, while making strong connections to communities of color and Indigenous Peoples.

4.  Ecological Society of America Section on Environmental Justice: "a group of ecologists committed to promoting and facilitating the involvement of all ecologists in advancing EJ through education, research, and public engagement."

5.  SEEDS (Strategies for Ecological Education, Development, and Sustainability) - Ecological Society of America program supporting and promoting opportunities for undergraduates from underrepresnted groups.

6.  Crosspoint Anti-racism site -- One of the WEB's biggest listing of links to sites on human rights, racism, women's rights, anti-Semitism, etc.

7.  University of Michigan - Information on Admissions Lawsuits -- This site gives background information on the two lawsuits challenging University of Michigan admissions policies that were decided by the U.S. Supreme Court in June, 2003.