NR6 Glossaries

Many terms and definitions are used in discussions and writings pertaining to issues of race and cultural diversity. Although some definitions are quite specific (e.g., ALANA), in many cases multiple, and perhaps contrasting definitions exist (e.g., racism) and may be used by different groups. We urge you to consider these terms and, more importantly, to decide which of these multiple definitions make the most sense to you. In addition, in many cases, these terms have definitions and common use that change over time. This is a reflection of the shifting social context and relationships to which these terms refer.

We have two glossaries for reference in NR 6:

1. The glossary used by the Next Steps Social Justice Retreat Program at the University of Vermont. The link to this glossary is here. You can find more information about this program and opportunities to participate here.

2. A set of additional definitions compiled by NR 6 facilitators over the last several years.