Welcome to NR 6 Race and Culture in Natural Resources

Rubenstein School of Environment & Natural Resources
Fall 2013

Meets: 11:30 - 12:45, Tuesdays, September 3 - November 14 in Angell B106 and Thursdays in section rooms listed below:

Discussion Section Rooms by Facilitator (for most, your first-year adviser):

Carol Adair
Shelley Hart
Cook A402
Jon Erickson
Waterman 423
Clare Ginger
Votey 223
Gary Hawley Bill Valliere UHTS South 27
Zac Ispa-Landa
Kalkin 300
Dave Kaufman n/a
L/L A101
Michael McDonald
Emilie Riddle
Aiken 103
Alan McIntosh
Anna Smiles-Becker L/L A 162

TA: Shelley Hart

Race and Culture in Natural Resources introduces first-year students to selected issues of race and culture and their relevance to society, natural resources, and the environment. We encourage students to be candidly self-reflective about how they perceive these issues.

We alternate between plenary sessions on Tuesdays with guest speakers or videos and small-group discussion sections on Thursdays led by members of The Rubenstein School faculty, staff, and graduate student community. Their role is to facilitate discussion of issues.

Guest speakers and videos explore topics such as concepts of cultural competency, race, racism, and culture; cultural perspectives on environmental issues; environmental justice, the under-representation of people of color in traditional environmental groups; and their role in the environmental justice movement. We examine issues of identity, privilege, and oppression and consider their relevance to fields of study in The Rubenstein School. Students write reflective papers and an autobiographical essay, and they develop individual plans for next steps to make positive contributions with respect to the issues we explore.

Course Purposes

Course Objectives
By the end of the course students will have:

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  Rubenstein School of Environment & Natural Resources Diversity Plan

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  Sources for further information on the WEB

  Reflective writings (most weeks)

  Environmental Justice on YouTube

  Autobiographical Essay (draft due Th Sep 26 in folders in 220 Aiken by Noon; final essay due Th Oct 10 in discussion section.)

  Next Steps  for Action Plan (draft due Th Oct 31 in discussion section; final action plan due Th Nov 14 in discussion section; Directions coming soon)

  Instructor Resources

  Community Agreements (agreements for discussion - generated in first discussion section meeting)


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