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NR 376 Graduate Teaching Practicum

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Fall 2011

Instructor:  Deane Wang

Meets:  Tuesday/Thursday 8:30-9:45 AM, 30 August - 10 November, Living Learning Commons 302

Catalog Description:  Natural Resource teaching practicum for doctoral students in the Rubenstein School. Course is required if students are following the academic option. Should be taken concurrently or one semester in advance of completion of the doctoral teaching requirement. Prerequisite: doctoral standing. 2 credits.

Course Description:  Training in the practice of college-level teaching in the fields of environment and natural resources. The class will be run as a seminar/praticum with short presentations by the instructor and students coupled with topical readings and assignments. A variety of teaching approaches will be explored coupled with self- and peer-evaluations. In addition, the student's doctoral advisor will evaluate at least one class period presented by the student. Students will design and share a variety of products (lessons plans, syllabi, exams, short lectures, assignments, etc.) as well as assess their teaching style. Completion of the practicum requires development of a teaching portfolio.

Course Goal:  To provide doctoral students with material and experiences to aid in development of their teaching skills and teaching style; to familiarize students with the concepts and practices of teaching at the college and university level; to create a teaching portfolio that effectively expresses a teacher's experiences, familiarity with concepts about teaching, and credentials for teaching.

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