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NR 205 Homework
NR 205 - Ecosystem Management:
Integrating Science, Society and Policy
Spring, 2008
Homework Assignments
Homework Assignment - Due Thursday, April 24, 2008 (20 pts)
One core requirement of ecosystem management is management of whole functional ecosystems. Because our protected public land boundaries do not match ecosystem boundaries, ecosystem management is also by definition cooperative, collaborative management. The federal agencies are moving towards ecosystem management, but private landowners and state and local partners are not always fully drawn into these management efforts. Some of these efforts also do not consider cultural values and needs of all sectors of society.
What is the role and importance of public lands in an ecosystem management approach? What are some of the challenges associated with basing ecosystem management primarily around public lands? How can the United States move towards a sustainable and just ecosystem management approach that includes protection of essential ecosystem processes and explicitly address both the needs of people and protection of biodiversity?
Write a 5-page essay that addresses these three questions and makes a reasoned case for an appropriate ecosystem management approach for the 21st century. Your grade will be based on the extent to which you: 1) address the three questions presented above, 2) make a reasoned and coherent case for your ecosystem management approach, and 3) use material from the readings listed below, other class readings, or any other literature you care to cite to support your case. You may make ecological arguments, economic arguments, and social and policy arguments in your case. There are no right and wrong answers to these questions. You must develop your own position and then make the case for it.
Readings to get you started (everyone should read the first 2 papers, skim the second 2 and use as appropriate to support your case):
Poiani, K.A., B.D. Richter, M.G. Anderson, and H.E. Richer. 2000. Biodiversity conservation at multiple scales: functional sites, landscapes, and networks. Bioscience 50: 133-146.
Koontz, T.M. and J. Bodine. 2008. Implementing ecosystem management in public agencies: Lessons from the U.S. Bureau of Land Management and the Forest Service. Conservation Biology 22(1):60–69.
Schulte, L.A., M. Rickenbach, and L.C. Merrick. 2008. Ecological and economic benefits of cross-boundary coordination among private forest landowners. Landscape Ecology 23:481–496.
M.W. Rogers and M.S. Allen. 2008. Hurricane impacts to Lake Okeechobee: Altered hydrology creates difficult management trade offs. Fisheries 33(1):11-17.
For this assignment, please include a literature cited section – this is not included in the 5-page limit for your paper. Your essay should be typed, double spaced, with one-inch margins and a font size no smaller than this (12 pt).
Your homework must be typed, double spaced, using a font size no smaller than this (12 pt). Remember to put your name at the top of the paper and to proofread your work!

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