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NR 205 Salton Sea Readings
NR 205 - Ecosystem Management:
Integrating Science, Society and Policy
Spring, 2008
Salton Sea Additional Reading Assignments
Cohn, J.P. 2000. Saving the Salton Sea. Bioscience 50(4): 295-301.
deBuys, W. 2004. Chapter 15, A Sea of Trouble. In: Salt Dreams, Land & Water in Low-Down California. University of New Mexico Press, Albuquerque, New Mexico.
Ferro, J. 2005. Salton Sea: A Shifting Seascape of Identity and Policies. Political Science, Directed Research Paper. University of Southern California. 33 pp.
Glenn, E.P., M.J. Cohen, J.I. Morrison, C.Valdes-Casillas, and K. Fitzsimmons. 1999. Science and policy dilemmas in the management of agricultural waste waters: the case of the Salton Sea, CA, USA. Environmental Science and Policy 2: 413-423.
Molina, K.C. and W.D. Shuford. 2004. Introduction to Ecology and Conservation of Birds of the Salton Sink: An Endangered Ecosystem, Studies in Avian Biology 27: 1-11.
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