NR 2 - Nature and Culture

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Course Reserves

To access articles archived in the Library's Course Reserves, first go to the relevant Discussion Session page by clicking on the link below for that Discussion Session. On the Discussion Session page you will see links to each of the readings on the Course Reserve. You will need your zoo username and password to access the readings.

(Alternatively, you can find the course readings using the Library's website.)

Readings by Discussion Session:
1 Spirit and Nature: Religion and the Environment

2 Cultural Diversity and the Environment: Race, Gender, Class, Social Justice

3 Instrumental Versus Intrinsic Value: Hunting and the Rights of Animals

4. Cornucopians Versus Neo-Malthusians: Full World or Empty World?

5. Land as Commodity or Community: Private Property and Environmental Protection

6. Monkeywrenching: Civil Disobedience in the Protection of Nature