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NR 143 GIS Labs
Geographic Information Systems (NR 143)
Dr. Leslie A. Morrissey
Lab 1: ArcMap and ArcCatalog Lab 1
Lab 2: Map Symbology Lab 2
Lab 3: Cartography Lab 3
Lab 4: Vector Analyses Lab 4
Lab 5: Geoprocessing Lab 5
Lab 6: Geodatabase creation and HUD Lab 6
Lab 7: Remote Sensing  
Lab 8: Raster Analyses Lab 8
Lab 9: Suitability Modeling Lab 9
Map a Drive to Access Lab Data  
ArcGIS Export Map  
Using SnagIt  
Data for these labs is available from the data CD at the back of your book or can be downloaded by "mapping a drive" to \\zoofiles\gisdata. Then go to the Courses folder and then the NR143 folder and finally GTKArcGIS folder and download the appropriate chapters to your local C:Temp drive folder or zoo account.  
How to Access Lab Data, save .mxd "pointer" files, and save your files to Zoo."

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