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NR 104 Readings

Required Texts:

1.Vig, Norman J. and Michael E. Kraft (editors). 2006. Environmental Policy: New Directions for the 21st Century, 5th Edition, Congressional Quarterly Press, WashingtonD.C. University Bookstore.

2.Ingersoll, Thomas G., Robert E. O'Connor, and Robert F. Pecorella. 1993. Politics and Structure: Essentials of American National Government, 6th Edition, Wadsworth Publishing Company, BelmontCA.University Bookstore

Additional Readings:

For Jan 22 Connection to Focus the Nation: Review Vermont Governor's Commission on ClimateChange Report.

For Jan 29 Connection to Focus the Nation: Review informationinformation about U.S. Energy Bill, Congressional Research Service (CRS) Report on the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007 – Summary of Major Provisions and Summary of Legislative Action (CRS-1 - CRS-4)

For Jan 31 Connection to Focus the Nation: Review EPA website on climate change and greenhouse gas emissions

For Feb 22   Tietenberg: Ch 2, Economics of the Environment
                Gore: Eco-nomics: Truth or Consequences

For Mar 25  Case Studies on Greening of Business - pick two websites to visit, and take notes on their environmental efforts as directed in the reading guide.

                 American Petroleum Institute
                 National Ski Areas Association
                 The Coca-Cola Company
                 Green Mountain Coffee
                 Ford Motor Company
                 Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream
                 Lincoln Park Zoo

Also, here is the letter from members of the UVM community asking the University to vote in its capacity as a shareholder in favor of corporate climate change policies.

For Mar 27  Costanza: Visions, Values, Valuation, & the Need for an Ecological Economics
                 Sagoff: Zuckerman's Dilemma: A Plea for Environmental Ethics

For Apr 3   Review materials from at least two of the following non-profit environmental groups and take notes on their work as directed in the reading guide 
                 Conservation Law Foundation
                 Vermont Public Interest Research Group
                 Friends of the Winooski River
                 Alliance for Climate Action (10% Challenge)
                 Toxics Action Center

                 Supporting readings
                Salazar: The Mainstream-Grassroots Divide in the Environmental Movement: Environmental Groups in Washington State 
                Layzer: Translating Values into Policy

For Apr 8    Steelman: Public Involvement Methods in Natural Resource Policy Making: Advantages, Disadvantages, and Trade-offs
                 Shannon & Antypas: Civic Science is Democracy in Action

For Apr 10  Clarke & Gerlak: Environmental Racism in Southern Arizona? The Reality Beneath the Rhetoric 

For Apr 17   Stone: Equity

For Apr 22   LaDuke: A Society Based on Conquest Cannot Be Sustained

For Apr 24   Krauss: Blue-Collar Women and Toxic-Waste Protests