Photo of The School of Natural Resources NR 104 - Social Processes and the Environment
Course Description
NR 104, Social Processes and the Environment, is a part of the core curriculum of the Rubenstein School of Environment and Natural Resources. The core curriculum represents a body of knowledge, skills, and values that the faculty believes are central to the study of natural resources and the environment. This body of knowledge, skills, and values cuts across all academic programs within the School and attempts to integrate the natural and social sciences to approach full understanding and informed responses to natural resource and environmental issues.

In NR 104, we study theories and processes of government, economics, and social movements as they apply to environmental policy issues. The theories illustrate some of the frameworks from social sciences that help us to analyze and understand how humans define and respond to environmental issues. Students also consider their own and other people’s views of current environmental issues and how these relate to social values. In the process, we examine dynamics of collaboration and conflict in defining and responding to environmental issues. 

NR 104 is delivered as part of the NR 103-104-105 set. Together, these 3 courses emphasize understanding environmental and natural resource issues from ecological and social perspectives.

Instructor: Clare Ginger Teaching Assistant: Matthew Peters
Email: Email:
Phone: 656-2698
Office: 355 Aiken Office Hours: TBA
Office Hours: Tue 2 - 4 pm; Thu 2 to 3:30; or by appt
Class Meeting Place: 104 Aiken
Class Meeting Time: Tue/Thu 11 am - 12:15 pm
Spring 2008 Syllabus
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