NR 103 -- Ecology, Ecosystems,
and Environment

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In NR 1 you were introduced to the natural world - its dynamic nature, and some of its processes. You were asked to observe, record, wonder about, and describe aspects of the environment. NR 103 is designed to go beyond these descriptions. We will examine forces that control physical aspects of ecosystems; manners in which individual organisms respond to the physical environment; and ways in which groups of individuals (populations) interact. We will deal with a variety of scales ranging from molecular through individual, population, community, ecosystem, and landscape levels.

NR 103 is part of the SNR Core, and is delivered as part of the NR 103-104-105 set. Together, these 3 courses will emphasize understanding environmental and natural resource issues from ecological and social perspectives.


Kristian Omland





205A Aiken Building

Office hours:

W 11am–12noon, W 5–6pm
Other times by appointment

Required Text:

Molles, Ecology: Concepts & Applications


Tuesday and Thursday, 11:00-12:15

Lecture Room:

104 Aiken Center

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