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Kimberly Wallin


Kimberly Wallin (right) in her Forest Service lab with undergraduate intern Addison Kasmarek.

My broad experiences in forestry, ecology, genetics and entomology inspire me to conduct research, in collaboration with other scientists and stakeholders, which explore the complex interactions that define forest ecosystems. I focus on questions related to the patterns and functions of forests in response to human-induced changes in climate, land use, and the introduction of non-native invasive terrestrial organisms. Recently, I’ve integrated environmental sociology and ecological economics into my research approach to explore the human-dimensions of management decisions and land-use change. UVM - Forest Service: Forest Ecosystem Health Collaborations

Research group

Research Group: From bottom left corner: Dr. Darrell Ross (Professor at OSU), Kirsten Taylor (PhD student), Hana Aronowitz (MS student), Jess Meigs, Garrett Meigs (Post-doc), Ariana Cano (PhD student), Marina Golivets (PhD candidate), and Kimberly Coleman (Post-doc). Not pictured: Sarah Pears (PhD candidate), Lucia Orantes (PhD candidate), Kyle Motley (MS student).

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