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Forest Disturbance Process

Invasive Species

Project Title: Interactions of Amylostereum areolatum, the fungal symbiont of Sirex noctilio, with North American Pinus host and native herbivorous insect-fungal complexes.
Collaborators: Dr. Paul Schaberg (USFS), Dr. Kevin Dodds (USFS), Dr. Scott Myers (APHIS), and State of Vermont.

Project Title: Environmental changes and species interactions in terrestrial ecosystems: Importance of top-down and bottom-up forces as main drivers in non-native species invasiveness.
Collaborators: Dr. Paul Schaberg (USFS), Gary Hawley (UVM), State of Vermont, others TBD

Project Title: Linking host location behavior and antennal responses of HWA predators.
Collaborators: Dr. Bud Mayfield (USFS), Dr. Brian Sullivan (USFS), Brad Onken (USFS)

Project Title: Assessing the impacts of hybridization on host location behavior of a biological control agent of HWA
Collaborators: Dr. Nathan Havill (USFS), Brad Onken (USFS), Richard Reardon (USFS)

Project Title: Using behavioral assays to develop quality-based fitness parameters for predators of HWA.
Collaborators: Dr. Darrell Ross (OSU), Brad Onken (USFS), Richard Reardon (USFS)

Project Title: Chamaemyiid predators as potential biocontrol agents for the hemlock woolly adelgid.
Collaborators: Dr. Darrell Ross (OSU), Brad Onken (USFS), Richard Reardon (USFS)

Climate Change and Events

Project Title: Quantifying the impacts of snow removal on tree physiology and biological diversity of insects.
Collaborators: Dr. Paul Schaberg (USFS), Dr. Pam Templer (BU), Hubbard Brook LTER (USFS)

Project Title: Impacts of ground freezing on patterns species and genetic diversity of ground dwelling arthropods and gastropods
Collaborators: Dr. Paul Schaberg (USFS), Dr. Pam Templer (BU), Hubbard Brook LTER (USFS), Dr. Luana Maroja (Williams College)

Project Title: In the face of climate change: genetic variation of lodgepole pine response to mountain pine beetle attack and tree growth and mortality.
Collaborators: Dr. Alvin Yanchuk (BC Ministry of Forests and Range), Nick Ukrainetz (BC Genetics Program), Dr. Matthew Ayres (Dartmouth College)

Natural Resources Inventory, Monitoring, and Assessment

Project Title: ARRA Invasive Species Survey Western Vermont.
Collaborators: USFS, State of Vermont

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