For More Information

Resources for learning more about gemstones of the case study countries:


Field Trip Reports: International Colored Gemstone Association (2003) ~ Green Dreams by Richard W. Wise
Articles: Brazilian Beauty from Colored Stone Magazine ~ Economic History of Brazil Emeralds ~ Ornamental Stones


Field Trip Reports: Fieldgemology (2004)
Videos: Gem mining people of Cambodia



Field Trip Reports: International Colored Gemstone Association (2005) ~ Richard W. Hughes
Research Reports: EarthRights International Report on Mining, Gender and the Environment
Articles from Gemologist, Richard W. Hughes: Sapphires ~ Jade ~ Mong Hsu Rubies ~ Smuggling
More Articles: Ruby Mining c.1930s ~ Book Review of Burma Ruby ~ Ted Themelis on Gem Sanctions
Statistics: Official Gem Sales

Sri Lanka

Field Trip Reports: International Colored Gemstone Association (2003) ~ Fieldgemology (2005)
Presentations: Environmental Problems ~ Landslides ~ Best Practices (all pdfs - Adobe Reader required)
Articles: Ceylon's Gem Mines ~ Economic History of Sri Lankan Blue Sapphires
Videos: White Sapphire Mining & Cutting
NGOs: Sri Lanka Nature Forum


Field Trip Reports: Fieldgemology (2005)
Presentations: Gem & Jewelry Industry History and Experience (pdf- Adobe Reader required)
Articles: Gem Deposits c.1890s ~ Picking up the pieces: Ruby Mining in Thailand ~ Thailand's Jewelry Industry

Other useful resources for learning about small mines and colored gems:

World Mining Report from Colored Stone Magazine (2005)
Communities and Small-Scale Mining (CASM)
Association for Responsible Mining (ARM)
Institute for Sustainable Mining with Vincent Pardieu
Asian Institute of Gemological Sciences
Ruby-Sapphire, A Collection of Articles and More by Richard Hughes