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EP class 2015

Ecological Planning and Field Naturalist Class of 2015

    FNEP team class 2015

  • Kat Deely Kat Deely
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  • Joanne Garton Joanne Garton
    When Joanne was a little girl, she thought that everyone in the universe called his or her own planet “Earth.” Earth was not a proper noun, but another name for home. Now grown-up, Joanne wonders about the fundamental presumptions of this thought. The first, that there are other beings in the universe who refer to their own planet in some way, she still assumes is true… somewhere. The second, that humans identify with the landscape, wildlife, and weather of home as being parts of an entire planet to which they belong, raises some important concerns. How have humans thought themselves out of nature? An impassioned geologist and architect of ecological design, you will find Joanne in the green nooks and crannies of our everyday lives trying to connect the fragmented pieces of nature back into the coherent design we all call Earth. She is frequently accompanied by her husband, son, stepdaughters and fiddle.
  • Maddy Morgan Maddy Morgan
    Maddy is happiest when moving forward. Whether she’s on a bicycle, a plane, a car, or her own two feet, she is always on a quest for the next exciting adventure. She lived in Vancouver last year, skiing and seeing the sights, and now she is back to her native New England and the ecological planning program. Maddy hopes that the FNEP program will make it possible for her to combine her interests into an enriching and enjoyable next step. Maddy loves being at home cooking, reading, and hanging out with her cat Seamus as much as she does seeing the world, meeting people, and trying new things. She lives in the wonderful capital city of Montpelier and works part time at a bakery, making lattes and sampling the goods.
  • Kathryn Wrigley Kathryn Wrigley
    Kathryn gingerly dipped her raw heals into Bear Creek. Dehydration and her new logger boots were winning during a crew leader training project for Montana Conservation Corps. Someone had warned her that the fire guys called Redwings, ‘Bloodwings’ and it was becoming all too clear why. The cold water quickly numbed the burning, open blisters and allowed her to think about putting those boots on for yet another day of hiking and clearing trail. Perseverance and curiosity led Kathryn to dabble in a variety of jobs as she moved cross country and back again. Climbing the trees in her hedgerow and summer hiking trips in the White Mountains exposed Kathryn to the mysteries and excitement of the natural world. She learned to wander with purpose as an employee of several trail centric organizations most recently, the Green Mountain Club, here in Vermont. Lured by the chance to live on Camels Hump for a fall, she carved out a niche at the GMC. Working in her basement office she hired people to live on mountains, worked with dedicated volunteers and participated in the planning of a major relocation of the Long Trail in the Winooski River Valley. Still plagued regularly by blisters, Kathryn just tapes her feet and keeps on walking..

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