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EP class 2014

Ecological Planning and Field Naturalist Class of 2014

    FNEP team class 2015
Gustave Goodwin (FN), Matt Pierle (FN), Kelly Finan (FN),  Clare Crosby (front, EP), Matt Cahill (FN), Laura Yayac (EP)

  • Clare Crosby Clare Crosby

    Clare Crosby loves puzzles. She finds beauty and meaning in connecting a thousand oddly shaped bits of color into one coherent image. Though she does not have much free time for jigsaws these days, Clare finds that the world’s natural systems are even more satisfying puzzles and are currently in need of creative solutions.

    Clare intends to motivate people to work with the natural world instead of against it. Born and raised in Austin, Texas, Clare migrated north to study at Middlebury College in Vermont and promptly fell in love with the local community and landscape. A course on “Eating Locally, Thinking Globally” piqued Clare’s interest in repairing humans’ general attitude toward the planet and led her to major in Environmental Studies and Conservation Biology.

    Continuing on in the Sustainability Office at Middlebury after graduating, Clare helped the college carry out and spread the word about everything sustainability related – from recycling Astroturf to putting local beef on the table. In addition to learning to piece bits of knowledge together into a legible landscape, Clare tries to fit in time to sing, pick guitar, put her camera to good use, move, stretch, and watch the occasional YouTube video of little kids or fluffy animals.

  • Laura Yayac Laura Yayac

    Laura Yayac forever seeks to expand her comfort zone, a goal that takes her on walks along cables strung high in the tree canopy and on backpacking trips hundreds of miles through the Appalachian Mountains. She relishes traveling to the extreme, navigating icebergs, earthquakes and new languages. She is excited to be challenged in a new way, tackling the unexplored territory of scientific names, following ions through the soil, and deciphering the landscape through natural clues.

    Laura's here to read the gaze of a Doll's Eye (Actaea pachypoda), to figure out where all those rocks come from, and to collaborate with others who confront their limits. She's passionate about teaching people to understand and love the natural world, and she has engaged children and teens in banding saw whet owls, kelp surfing, and working on local organic farms. She’s inspired to broaden her skills as a member of the Ecological Planning Program.

    Laura thrives at the intersection of environmental and human awareness and encourages people to build connections to the Earth and their neighbors. She envisions one day teaching the amazing details of the natural world while cultivating skills to create strong relationships and vibrant communities. She also intends to throw a Frisbee on every continent. One more to go!

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